deadline - 23th June

The Arundel Buildings Housing Cooperative wishes to contract a self-employed Maintenance Coordinator.

The Arundel Buildings Housing Cooperative (hereafter ABHC) is a local social housing group established in 1983. Our Victorian single brick construction building houses 23 single and double occupancy flats, and a small office. The Cooperative has 24 resident members who are collectively responsible for the governance of the Coop, including managing the property. There are also a small number of non-member residents.

The Coop is responsible for the exterior of the property, the main structure, any installations in the flats supplied for heating, sanitation and supply of services, as well as for the communal areas. Tenants are personally responsible for taking care of their flat, keeping it decorated, and for any damage caused by themselves or visitors.

Job Description


  • The contract is initially offered for 1 year with a 6 month review. The extension of the contract will be subject to review. Either party is required to give a one month notice period if they wish to cancel the contract.


  • £9,000 per year paid £750 per month at the end of each month.

Reports to

  • ABHC General Meeting; ABHC Maintenance Officers


  • Two half days a week in the ABHC office / on site. Co-op members will be able to contact the coordinator via voicemail/text or email and these will be dealt with the Coordinator within office hours as specified.
  • 2 extra hours monthly to attend and report to Maintenance sub-committee or General meetings.
  • The Maintenance Coordinator may be away for a maximum of six weeks in the year, advised with a minimum of one month's notice.


  • The post holder will be based at the ABHC office twice a week, but will be available to respond to urgent repair needs as and when they arise.

Job Purpose

In summary, the post holder will provide the following services to ABHC:

  • Transparent and responsive management of planned and cyclical maintenance to a high standard;
  • Transparent and responsive management of repairs undertaken to a high standard and within established time scale targets, including emergency repairs;
  • The keeping and updating of maintenance plans, records, budgets and financial reports. Working in line with established ABHC policies and procedures and updating these policies and procedures as appropriate in line with current good practice;
  • Production of a monthly Maintenance Report and other documentation as required enabling collective decision-making by Coop members at the General Meeting on maintenance plans and priorities, and in line with maintenance policy.

Main Duties and Responsibilities

Planned & cyclical maintenance

  • Ensure that all properties are at all times maintained and re-let within the accepted Registered Social Housing Landlord standards re: letting and inspected annually and produce schedule of defects identified and actions.
  • Support the Maintenance Sub-committee Meeting to identify and prioritise maintenance projects and cyclical works. Provide an informed opinion including estimation of costs and time scales, and suggestions of possible contractors, for different jobs and projects.
  • Project manage up to four maintenance projects a year as identified and prioritised by the Maintenance Sub-committee. Including gathering requirements and facilitating internal decision-making, producing project / job specifications, and reporting to the Maintenance Sub-committee meeting on progress.
  • Liaison with contractors; advise, guide and support ABHC in finding new contractors, and approve all invoicing related to contract work on satisfactory completion of the job.
  • Keep up to date with current legislation regarding health and safety and be mindful that good practice is observed by contractors at all times in order to ensure that no one undertaking work on the ABHC premises poses a threat to either themselves or to tenants by their working practices.
  • Organise CP12 (gas safety) inspections and ensure all properties comply with legislation at all times.
  • Organise Electrical safety inspections and ensure all properties comply with legislation at all times.
  • Undertake or commission risk assessment surveys.
  • Ensure all registered inspections are undertaken and the outcomes are recorded and actioned where required in ABHC systems.
  • Undertake a Void Inspection with ABHC officer before a property has been vacated, in line with the ABHC Voids Policy, in order to identify maintenance work required and any damage that is the tenants responsibility.
  • Attend all necessary meetings and inspections with contractors and experts (surveyors, specialists, local government personnel etc) as deemed necessary by the ABHC to ensure the speedy, comprehensive, effective and lasting treatment of any outstanding ABHC maintenance problem.

Repairs including emergency repairs

  • Oversee the management of ABHC's authorised repair work notified via Repairs Reporting forms. This might include drawing up jobs specifications where required for these repairs, undertaking pre /post inspections resulting from such repairs and ensuring tenant and contractor feedback is obtained on all repairs completed.
  • Arrange repair work within the time scales established in the Maintenance Policy
  • Ensure appropriate procedures, contacts and information are readily accessible and available to all tenants in the event of a maintenance emergency.
  • Ensure that all Reporting systems are used and reconciled with invoices prior to payment. Approve invoices where repairs have been completed satisfactorily.

Records & policies

  • Maintain full up-to-date records for all areas of maintenance management. Detailed review of the condition of all flats, the communal areas and structural/ exterior features of the building; routine repairs, compliance and other required information. ;
  • Observe established Co-op standards and procedures, and improve these as they are put in practice and in line with wider sector developments.
  • Keep a photographic record of important elements of the building’s fabric where required by the General Meeting/ Maintenance Officers (‘before and after’ pictures for repairs/ a more general record of current appearance at various intervals/ a specific record to accompany special projects).

Communication, reports & cooperative decision-making

  • Respond to Maintenance sub-committee and Members regarding all maintenance and related needs on a day-to-day basis.
  • From time to time and on topics of general interest, distribute mail shots to all tenants as a means of updating them on communal and general issues in connection with the fabric of the building.

deadline - 23th June